Copywriting Secrets Review (2020): Is Jim Edward’s Book Worth It?


The truth is, writing enticing copy is hard.

Especially for beginners without prior experience in the industry.

In this guide we’re going cover in-depth . And everything you need to know about.

But before we proceed, I want you to grab your own FREE copy of Copywriting Secrets book. A book that helped me become a better copywriter than 97% of my competitors out here in the market.

And it’ll help you too!

If you’re looking for a place to:

  • Learn copywriting for beginners
  • Grab unlimited copywriting tips
  • Become a copywriter on your own without the help of an expert
  • Access awesome copywriting templates
  • See great copywriting exercises
  • Download plug’n’play copywriting formulas

And finally copy and paste proven copywriting examples for your social media, food business, fashion, marketing, physical products, digital products, blogs, landing pages, funnels and business in general…

This is the ideal book you need in your life right now!

Let’s get into the full review of this groundbreaking book.

Looking for a COMPLETE review of ClickFunnels Jim Edwards Copywriting Secrets book?

Search no more because this post breaks everything down into pieces!

Read along…

If you’ve ever been frustrated by lack of sales, lack of clicks, or lack of subscribers, then you probably have a copy problem.

And if you have a copy problem, this is the book you need. Copywriting is important for anyone to learn. Almost everyone running a business needs copy, whether copywriters, authors, funnel hackers, business owners and entrepreneurs.

Copywriting Secrets Book Review – What Is It?

Copywriting Secrets is a book that reveals simple plug-and-play copy formulas to help you get more LEADS, more SALES, more SUBSCRIBERS and FANS with no copywriting experience whatsoever.

Russell Brunson said “Copywriting is what made me rich… It has more impact on how much money you make with your company than anything else.”

Copywriting Secrets is not just another advertising book. It is not a book about secrets of traffic, although you’ll learn how to get a lot more sales and subscribers from the traffic you currently get (even if it’s not that much right now).

Also, it is not a book about product creation, though you’ll learn how to sell a lot more products, services, coaching, software, or whatever you sell.

It is not a book about though you’ll learn how to build huge lists of targeted, rabid, ready-to-buy subscribers.


Meet the Author of Copywriting Secrets, Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards

The author of the Copywriting Secrets is Jim Edwards. Jim is a copywriting expert who is on a mission to help people get better at writing copy and increasing sales.

He has created dozens of ebooks and hundreds of articles and is a master at creating GREAT copy!

Let me give you a bit of his backstory as we proceed with this Copywriting Secrets review.

Jim was so poor back then and lived in a single-wide trailer.

But he had a dream to sell something that didn’t require me to trade time for money as a “wage slave

He wrote a real estate book and after getting turned by over 40 publishers, he decided to try selling his book online.

He started making UGLY websites that didn’t convert and took a step that changed his life.

Learning how to write really GOOD copy was the game-changer for Jim.

He changed his 20-page ugly website to a one-page sales letter and this decision took his sales up 250% overnight in February 2001.

The 250% increase translates into over $1,500 a month for Jim.

The one-page sales letter changed his life for good and led him to embark on a quest to get really good at sales copy.

And that’s what he had been doing for the last 22 years.

Here’s what Jim has been fortunate enough to:

  • Create multiple million-dollar sales letters
  • Get millions of clicks on my ads, emails, and social media posts
  • Be the #1 affiliate for some of the biggest product launches in Internet history, including John Reese’s “Million Dollar Day”
  • ​Build up subscribers lists totaling hundreds of thousands of subscribers
  • ​Sell millions of dollars from teleseminars, webinars, and live presentation
  • ​Figured out how to sell everything from software to coaching to ebooks, books, membership sites, affiliate products, CDs, DVDs and more in multiple industries


A Look Inside Copywriting Secrets Book

Copywriting Secrets

The copywriting secrets book contains 31 secrets you can use immediately to…

  • Increase your sales (no matter what you sell or who you sell it to)
  • Motivate people to buy now (using proven emotional triggers)
  • Target your perfect customers (who want to buy from you – NOW!)
  • ​Structure offers that sell like crazy (in any market)
  • ​Get a LOT more subscribers (and build a rabid fan base)
  • ​And much, MUCH more!

You’ll learn the step by step process of how to write an entire sales letter that CONVERTS just
like the one that changed Jim’s life.

That’s not all.

Also, you’ll learn inside secrets coming from someone with over two decades of study, research, trial and error and hands-on experience writing brilliant copy. It’s all good, valuable stuff. No fluff, filler, BS or theory.

If you want to get better at writing copy, ads, emails, sales letters from scratch, then just get this book because it would possibly change your life.


How Much Is Copywriting Secrets Book?

Here’s how to Get Your FREE Copy Now.

The copywriting secrets book is free. All you’ll cover is the printing and shipping costs ($7.95 US or $14.95 international).

This is a LIMITED offer. Only 1,008 copies of this book were printed and once they are sold out, it’s gone.

Hurry and claim your FREE Copy of copywriting secrets now before they are all gone!

Want a guarantee?

Jim is giving you a 100% guarantee that you’ll love the book. Else, he would refund your shipping fee and you don’t have to send the book back. Yes, he’ll let you keep the book still. Just email him or contact the help desk and you’ll get a refund with no questions asked.

So, there’s really NOTHING to lose in getting the copywriting secrets book.

That sounds fair, right?

Now is the time for you to grab your FREE Copy of the Copywriting Secrets book!

Why The Copywriting Secrets Book Is Free?

Just in case you’re wondering why it’s FREE…

There’s absolutely no catch.

There are programs that would offer you something valuable got FREE but then trick into some continuity program or membership that charges your card every month.

Copywriting Secrets book is none of that!

Here’s why Jim is offering you the book for free.

He wants to help you

It’s his way of saying THANK YOU for being a valued subscriber and a customer

It doesn’t hurt him to share his best, insider copywriting tips tricks and secrets since he doesn’t make his money selling copywriting services (he makes money by selling ebooks, books, info-products, physical products, software, consulting, and more)

He wants you to be happy to buy more stuff from him in the future when you see how valuable the copywriting secrets book is.

He wants you to be successful in your business when you write better copy and make more sales.


Copywriting Secrets Upsells

To get more from the copywriting secrets book, Jim is offering you some upsells which you can decide to buy after getting the book.

Upsell #1: Copywriting Secrets Audiobook

On the upsell page, you’ll find the copywriting secrets audiobook as the first upsell. This is the audio version of the copywriting secrets book which you should get if you prefer listening to audio content.

It comes in digital download format and the price for the copywriting secrets audiobook is only $27. The copywriting secrets audiobook comes with bonus content, extra interviews with Jim and more that you can’t find in the book.

Once you fill your name and address on the copywriting secrets book page, you’ll be offered to get the audiobook after the paper book purchase.

Upsell #2: Sales Story Secrets

The second Upsells when you buy the copywriting secrets book is Sales Story Secrets. You can only get this offer as an upsell to the book as it is not sold separately:

Sales Story Secrets is an in-depth training that teaches you how to create the right STORIES for your sales copy.

This offer costs $97 and here’s a rundown of what you’ll get and all the bonuses.

You’ll learn the following in the Sales Story Secrets Masterclass:

  • How to create stories for sales copy every time
  • Sell more products and services faster
  • Step-by-step training video + transcripts

The purpose of the “Sales Story Secrets” Master Class is to give you concrete steps, blueprints, formulas, and tools to tell amazing stories that captivate your audience, motivate people to take action, and convert lookers into buyers… no matter what you sell or who you sell it to!

7-Story Blueprint

In this blueprint, you’ll learn the following:

  • 7 blueprint secrets to choose the perfect story
  • 31 story intros
  • Story transitions
  • The rest of the sales message

Million Dollar Story Example

Here you’ll see specific examples of actual stories that made millions of dollars.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Model these stories for your own sales copy, blog posts, social media, and more.
  • Stop guessing about what types of stories work and actually see them for yourself in black and white.

Plus you’ll also get these mouth-watering bonuses with the Sales Story Secrets.

Bonus #1: The Hero’s Journey Training & Wizard

This bonus would show you how to create the perfect outline for a Hero’s Journey story. You can use these stories for webinars, FB lives, articles, podcasts and more!

Bonus #2: Origin Story Wizard & Wizard

This bonus will help you create your sales story to help you sell anything.

Bonus #3: Video Story Idea Brainstorming Wizard & Checklist

This is an online software wizard that lets you input a few terms and generate a ton of story ideas you can use to create engaging videos and make more sales.

It gives you the secret to brainstorm story ideas quickly and easily at the push of a button

Find the perfect story to use in any situation

Never run out of story ideas for sales copy, blogs, Facebook Lives, YouTube, social media, and more

After you purchase the copywriting secrets book, you’ll be directed to a sales page where you can get the Sales Story Secrets.

Upsell #3: Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts is a software that helps you create a compelling copy at the click of a button under minutes.

The software is helpful if you’re not able to write copy and it will teach you how to get all of your sales letters, scripts and webinars slides written in under 10 minutes:

Funnel Scripts costs $797 normally but you’ll pay only $697 (and save $100) when you get it as an upswell to the copywriting secrets book.

Not sure if you need the funnel scripts? Join their FREE webinar master class and see the huge benefits the software would have in your business.


Copywriting Secrets Testimonials

Still not convinced enough to get the copywriting secrets?

Here are testimonials from REAL people like you who have gone through the book and elevated their copy game!

Implementing the way Jim teaches it (sales conversion rate) shot up to about 13, 14%. So about a 10% increase!…

– Mason Vranes

Copywriting Secrets Testimonials (4)

“No matter your level of experience and no matter what you sell, Jim’s Copywriting Secrets is a game-changer”

Pat Fullingim

“Jim Edwards is like the king of copywriting formulas and templates…”
David Frey

“I’m spending less money on advertising and getting more results…”

Stewart Alexander


Why Should You Learn Copywriting?

Here’s why you should learn copywriting and up your copy game.

Every business needs copy. Whether for sales page, emails, ads, webinars, ebooks, you need to be able to put words together that SELLS.

And if you think you can just hire a copywriter to create all this for you and excise learning the skill.

Most GOOD copywriters you’re ever going to meet, you CAN’T hire them!

Why should they write a sales copy for you and earn $10,000 when they can write the same for themselves and make $1 million and more potentially?

It’s really essential to have copywriting in your marketing skill stack.

And buying the copywriting secrets book is a surefire way to kickstart a solid copywriting career.


Review Conclusion: Should You Buy Copywriting Secrets?

Copywriting Secrets is a book for anyone having a copy problem to learn how to use the power of words to get more clicks, make more sales, and get more subscribers, no matter what you sell or who you sell it to!

This book can change your business and life if you do what it says.

It will make you more money than you’re making if you can implement the copy secrets discussed in your business.

Got a copy problem?

Need more clicks, sales, and subscribers than you’re getting no?

Then you should get the copywriting secrets book.

And the best part of getting this book is that it’s FREE.

You don’t even have to worry about losing MONEY because Jim will offer you a FULL refund with no questions asked if you feel the book is not worth it.

So go ahead and order the book and let me know when your copy game starts to take shape!

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